November 13, 2011 James

New Orleans Police Chief’s Best May Not Be Good Enough

I’ll never forget February 6, 2010. I had just lost the New Orleans Mayor’s race. I was, however, at peace with my loss. I had run an honest, aggressive issues based campaign. Later that evening, my calm resolve was overcome by anger and frustration. When my then fiancée, Melissa Harris-Perry, and I arrived home we were greeted by police cars and sirens because a shooting had occurred almost directly in front of our home.

Three weeks ago, my neighbors and I were unsettlingly reminded of that event. Again, only footsteps from my front door, violence seized the evening. A 22-year-old man was shot in the face and thigh on my neighbor’s front porch.

On Halloween night, my wife and I strolled the French Quarter, admiring costumes. We departed the corner of Bourbon and St. Louis only 15 minutes before gunfire erupted. Eight people were shot. One was left dead. Were we only slightly delayed, my wife or I could have been one of the deceased. As the night progressed 16 people were shot, two of whom died……….click here to read the rest.

Read the rest on the Huffington Post.

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  1. tommy o thompso

    I have loved to visit your city but after katrenia I haven’t visited. I feel safer in my city Atlanta. I am sorry you lost election. If Ray and you are outspoken it appears the powers to be try to shut you down. I don’t know answer. You and wife in my prayers keep society honest.

  2. Mali Irvin

    Dear James and Melissa,

    Happy New Year! I just wanted to say that I have been an admirer of you two ever since I went to live in New Orleans as Teach For America teacher in 2009. Melissa spoke along with Tavis Smiley at a Freedom Schools event in Knoxville, TN that I was very proud to have seen and been a part of. Congratulations on her new MSNBC show as well. This posting was very alerting to me. It is still crazy to me that gun violence is so much a part of New Orleans, and yet so disregarded. I remember my first week in New Orleans hearing of a teacher who had been shot at a football game. I am inspired when I hear you and Melissa bring these and other silenced issues to light. New Orleans is in my thoughts and prayers.
    Mali Irvin
    Sarah Lawrence College ’08.

  3. Robin joghee

    i am a fan of Melissa onMSNBC. I wanted to know who Perry was so i did a search andgot to know about and you work for the community. Was in NO for the first time with my family for new year and realzed how much more still need to be done for the community there. We are planning to move dow there the soonest possible. I hope we will be able to meet you when we move there. We are now in Chicago. Keep up with the god work. Till then bye. Say hi to Melissa

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