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  1. The new tv show with Melissa Harris-Perry is terrific…intelligent, articulate, engaging. Too few thinking women are represented on tv with shows of their own. Congratulations and may your show go on and on and on…
    Rosemary James, New Orleans

  2. Georgeanne Limbach

    I am so glad that Meliisa Harris-Perry has her own show on msnbc – and on both days of the weekend. I have followed her for several years as she served as a frequent panelist and substitute host on other sows on the network, and very much appreciate hearing her thoughtful, articulate views on current events as well as historical issues. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  3. Maria

    I never never mis mhp’s show. I love her. I am a 68 year young white woman and I learn so much from Melissa. She is so incredibly smart it makes my head hurt (in a good way) and she is just absolutely delightful and I love how diverse her subjects and her guests are.

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