March 23, 2012 James

Banks Could Learn a Thing or Two

Plunging from revered financial arbiter to America’s anathema — the lending industry has descended in dramatic fashion. Expressions of lending industry scorn are now standard fodder in a near constant flow of blogs, newspaper articles, editorials, evening news reporting and cable news analysis. Consumer scorn is not only shared around kitchen tables, places of worship and work place water colors, rather, it is embodied in the Occupy Movement. In fact the movement so embodied the public’s disdain, that at the urging of the Occupy Movement, people en masse closed bank accounts at major banking institutions and opted for credit unions.

Arguably, in the last ten years we have not seen a more visceral example of capitalism gone awry. Lending institutions got away from core business principles that required fiscal soundness, conservative growth, honesty in business and a recognition of the interconnectedness of profitability and community……

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