From St. Roch to the Central City, from Treme to the Garden District: Housing is a Human Right!

I started my career as a housing counselor teaching the fundamentals of homeownership. My students were wealthy and poor, black and white, old and young. They were unlikely classmates, but by the end of the course, they were united by their shared aspiration of homeownership. This classroom is not an end, but a beginning. Help us make these classroom lessons a reality for all New Orleanians.

It is clear that the City needs work in this area.  Here are some examples of things that we can do to make the City better.

  • The City should adopt an inclusionary zoning ordinance that would insure affordable housing in all neighborhoods.
  • The City should invest more money in the code enforcement for occupied housing.  This would be one of the best ways to make sure that affordable housing is decent.
  • New Orleans should create an affordable housing trust fund to help stabilize the rental market and move citizens into homeownership.
  • Local businesses should partner with New Orleans to create a workforce housing program that would allow

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